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About us

About us

Known in the business as "The Concrete Cutters", Qld Concrete Drilling & Sawing was established in 1995 and is a privately owned Queensland company. We operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week including public holidays. We are one of the founding members of the Concrete Cutting Industry Association and highly recommend the use of professional CCIA contractors for all your drilling and sawing requirements.


As specialists in the construction industry, both building and civil, we have built a solid reputation for achieving client satisfaction. Our employees are professional operators who have been expertly trained in all aspects of both concrete drilling and sawing including the most important aspect which is safety for both themselves and others. Qld Concrete Drilling & Sawing take absolute pride in their service, professionalism and safety standards.


We use only the latest in specialised concrete cutting equipment to ensure less down time and on time completion of all works. Whatever your needs, small or large, industrial, civil, commercial or domestic, we can handle it all and will be happy to provide you with advice on any technical issues you may have. We have a wide ranging customer base, from Tier 1 construction companies; to building contractors; to sub-contractor service providers and site owners.


All our vans are equipped with satellite location tracking which assists in servicing our customers promptly. All our vehicles are self contained with equipment needed on a daily basis:

  • Small and Large Drills and Stands
  • Drill Barrels ranging in size from 18mm Ø to 300mm Ø diameter
  • Petrol Handsaws and Ringsaws (cuts up to 275mm depth)
  • Wet Vacuum



Concrete and Bitumen Floorsawing, using Petrol, Diesel, Hydraulic and Electric equipment.



  • Core Drilling to 1000mm Ø to any depth, vertical, horizontal and inverted (for limited access areas)
  • Electric, Petrol or Hydraulic equipment available
  • Hydraulic Wallsawing, track mounted for fumeless interior cutting to 600mm depth
  • Hydraulic Chainsawing used for plunge cuts to avoid overcuts on corners
  • Wire Sawing to any depth, any size - Ideal for removing large sections of heavily reinforced concrete
  • Soffcut early entry sawing - same day sawing to control thermal expansion cracking during the curing time
  • Floor Grinding - Petrol or Electric
  • Floor and wall chasing - for concealing conduits and pipes
  • Petrol or Hydraulic Hand Sawing to 150mm depth
  • Petrol or Hydraulic Ring Sawing to 275mm depth
  • Petrol or Electric Hydraulic Power Packs for Indoor/Outdoor use of Hydraulic Equipment
  • Petrol Generators 240V or 415V