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QCDS offers the full complement of concrete drilling and sawing services from the grinding of trip hazards; to balustrade installation holes; to tilt panel alterations; to the "Wow, that's a lot of concrete" of lintel beam removal.


QCDS has a full safety plan under regular revision; SWMS, MSDS and their associated risk assessments are all compliant with the most recent legislation and have been approved by all our Tier 1 clients. QCDS is committed to being the No1 concrete drilling and sawing problem solver in Queensland.

  • Wire Sawing/Hydraulic Track Mounted Sawing

    Wire Sawing

    When traditional concrete sawing methods are not feasible, we implement wire sawing using a wire coated with diamond beads driven by a 32kW 3phase electric powerpack, it allows the concrete to be cut for any shape and thickness of columns, piers, beams, pipes and foundations. There are no overcuts to contend with and we can get into limited access areas with the ability to cut around corners. Wire saws are ideal for underwater.

  • Wall Sawing

    Wall Sawing/Hydraulic Track Mounted Sawing

    Wall sawing employs a circular blade on a track-mounted machine. The track is attached to vertical walls or steep inclines, or floors that will not permit the use of flat saws. Wall or track sawing is typically specified to cut precise dimensional door, vent and window openings to a depth of 750mm.

  • Hydraulic Concrete Bursting

    Hydraulic Concrete Bursting

    Primarily for demolition purposes, bursting heads are placed into the core holes and with 500 tonnes of captive force applied the head expands and the concrete will be split apart. There is no dust or vibration and very little noise in this procedure making it perfect for pedestrian sensitive locations.

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Concrete Scanning

    Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Concrete Scanning

    Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) process is a non-destructive method which detects the reflected signals applied into the concrete. It can detect objects, changes in material, and voids and cracks, these areas can then be marked to be targeted or avoided when drilling and sawing.

  • Core Drilling

    Core Drilling

    The holes created are perfect for pipe, cable and duct installations, typically up to 1000mm in diameter, although special arrangements can be made for up to 3500mm in diameter to be drilled. Cores can be drilled in any direction; vertical, horizontal or inverted. By stitch drilling, there is no limit to the size and shape the penetrations can be made to. For large quantity work an automatic drill rig is employed allowing for a semi-autonomous drilling operation resulting in increased output and cost savings.

  • Handsawing / Ringsawing


    This is used for straight line cutting. The saws are available in petrol, hydraulic and electric allowing for confined space cutting. Handsawing is used to a depth of 150mm and is available as a Flushcut for close-to-adjacent-wall cutting, the Ringsaw is then used from 150mm – 275mm and finally the Dragonsaw is used from 275mm – 400mm.

  • Grinding / Scarifying


    For the removal of trip hazards and significant surface imperfections, we can grind away lips, bumps, humps and high spots. Grinding will result in a smooth finish while Scarifying may require either a finishing coat of grout or a subsequent Grind.

  • Floor Sawing

    Floor Sawing

    Floor sawing is used for long distance deep cutting of concrete and asphalt either indoors or outdoors for trenches or complete removal. We have traditional diesel machines up to 72 horsepower for 750mm deep cuts and electric machines for indoor and confined space cutting.

  • Soffcut or Early Entry Sawing

    Soffcut or Early Entry Sawing for Expansion Joints

    Soffcut sawing to 75mm is used to prevent the development of uncontrolled, random cracking brought about by the environmental forces (temperature and moisture) and concrete shrinkage during the first 72 hours of concrete curing.

  • Environmental Control

    Environmental Control

    Concrete cutting uses large amounts of water for cooling the cutting blades which become contaminated with sediment and must be correctly collected and disposed of. QCDS is committed to being the cleanest concrete cutters in Qld. We use an array of vacuum and chemical technologies to collect the slurry for disposal at council and state registered industrial waste disposal centres.

  • Chain Sawing

    Chain Sawing

    This is ideal for square cuts in penetrations and gives us the ability to produce a 110mm by 110mm square penetration. Chainsaws have a maximum depth of 800mm. It has a track-mounted system for high precision finishes. The diamond chainsaw is used when non-overcut openings are required, ideal for load bearing walls.